Banquets on boats

Ship “Jelgava”,”Liepaja” accepts guests for banquets,anniversaries, celebrations and events. In this case, route can be customized according to your wishes.

Ship “Jelgava”,”Liepaja” can fit in up to 150 passenger on one trip, ship “Horizonts” up to 50 passengers, all guests can find a comfortable seat on the upper deck or inside a cafe, where we have cosy tables.

On warm spring and summer days upper deck is most comfortable to enjoy sunlight, fresh breeze from the river Daugava and beautyful wievs of Riga panorama. Welcome aboard on ships “Liepaja”, “Jelgava” and “Horizonts”!


Pier is located 250 metes away from Stone bridge : between Stone and Vanšu bridges - 11. November. krastmala.
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